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Application data:

Application number: P200200424
Patent number: 04909 
Filing date of the application: 31.07.2002
Publication date: 15.04.2004
Date of the grant of the patent: 15.10.2007
Priority date:
Estonian title :    Toiteliiniga seotud sõidukite energiavahetuse juhtimissüsteem
English title :    Energy interchange control system for vehicles connected with power line
Status: Invalid patent
Fees paid for the years of validity : 10 
IPC class: B60L11/12
CPC class: B60L11/123
H01M 10/46
Estonian abstract: Toiteliiniga 16 seotud sõidukite 21 ja teiste seadmete energeetiliste komponentide 2, mis sisaldavad koormusi, energiasalvesteid ja allikaid, energiavahetuse juhtimissüsteem, mida nimetatakse energiasiiniks 11, ning mis koosneb energiasiini juhtimissüsteemist 15, andmesidesüsteemist 12, asukoha identifitseerimise seadmest 20, energiasiini juurdepääsuseadmest 17, mis sisaldab kahesuunalist juhitavat jõumuundurit 24 ja kontrollerit 27 energia juhtimiseks vooluvõtja 23 kaudu energeetilistesse komponentidesse. Energiavahetuse juhtimissüsteemi kasutatakse erinevate energeetiliste komponentide 2 vahelise kommuteeritud energiavoo haldamiseks, juhtimiseks ning energiakadude vähendamiseks toiteliinis.
English abstract: Energy flow controller for vehicle system, connected trough so called power bus 11, including supply line 16, energy bus control system 15, data communication system 12, location identification device 20, and at least one energy bus access device 17, which consists bi-directional converter 24 and controller 27 for controlling energy flow trough current collector 23 to vehicle 21 and various other equipment consisting energy components 2. Energy flow controller for vehicle system is used to manage and control switched energy flow between various energy components 2, that include loads, storage devices, sources and various combinations thereof and to reduce power losses in supply line.
Applicant/holder: Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
Inventor name: Elmo  Pettai (EE)
Juhan  Laugis (EE)
Tõnu  Lehtla (EE)
Jüri  Joller (EE)
Argo  Rosin (EE)
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Patent attorney: Riho Pikkor
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